New Mobility Congress

Leaders of green transformation towards zero-emission transport
The largest industry conference and EXPO in the CEE region

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New Mobility Congress (KNM) in

Jesteśmy na KNM!

New Mobility Congress (KNM) in

Jesteśmy na KNM!

Central European forum
for sustainable mobility leaders

Electric vehicle market practitioners and experts

0 -day
featuring 5 stages
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Who should attend and why?

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The largest zero-emission technology fair
in the region

Suppliers and users of e-Mobility solutions

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the region
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The whole congress
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The whole congress in one place
Topic paths

The New Mobility Congress is a high-level industry dialogue covering key issues and challenges facing the sustainable transport industry in Europe.

CEE GTI Summit
Summit of sustainable transport leaders in the Central and Eastern Europe Region

New mobility is an international effort that stimulates the efficiency and innovation of economies in the region.

  • How can we reduce emissions from transportation and enable safe and sustainable movement of people and goods across Europe through technology, appropriate regulations, partnerships, and new business models?
  • What steps can be taken to balance the development of the e-mobility market across the Old Continent?

Selected issues

  • CEE's voice heard in Brussels
  • AFIR – time for implementation!
  • Smart charging in the entire region
  • Regulation, Liability & ESG
  • EPBD – right to plug in the CEE
  • Baltics to Balkans – an EV route to clean air!
  • Fast grid connections
  • MaaS & mobility adoption
  • Transfer of technology, data and innovation


Poland Drives e-Mobility
Platform for cooperation of key stakeholders in the e-mobility market in Poland

One of the largest automotive markets in the European Union is taking the first steps towards zero emission transport.

  • How to connect suppliers and users of zero-emission technologies to support green transformation and fully utilize the potential of the Polish market in response to climate change and socio-economic challenges?
  • What changes should be made in the transport sector in Poland by 2035 for the benefit of the society and economy?

Selected issues

  • Legislative challenges – E-mobility White Paper
  • Support Programs – What's next?
  • Ready for AFIR
  • EV fire safety
  • Clean Transport Zones - Smart Cities
  • Phase-out 2035
  • Right to plug in Poland 
  • Charging hubs in Poland
  • E-roaming: how far have we come? 
  • Human resources as the key to the development of the e-mobility market


Battery Day – EBA Summit
Conference for producers and experts of battery technology for the automotive industry

Poland's position in the global and European supply chain of EV batteries is growing

  • How should innovators and leaders in the supply chain of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles shape the development of the battery sector to meet the growing demands of the market for next-generation zero-emission vehicles?

 Selected issues

  • Economic prospects of the battery sector
  • Battery recycling and second life
  • Critical Raw Materials Act
  • Time to implement the European Battery Regulation
  • Energy storage facilities vs. prosumer market development
  • Battery passport – a chance to reduce raw material dependence
  • Solid electrolyte: the fuel of the future?
  • Green energy for new factories
  • Poland and CEE: fertile ground for developing skilled workforce of the battery industry
  • Safety standards, new technologies and management systems


Green Fleet Forum – ESG
Forum for the fleet industry: companies at the forefront of deploying electric vehicles

Fleet electrification is key to decarbonizing the transport sector and creating cleaner cities.

  • How should companies driving the development of zero-emission vehicles implement fleet electrification processes and innovative solutions to reduce their carbon footprint in a cost-effective and optimal way?
  • How can the potential of ESG be leveraged to drive the development of green transformation in the field of transportation and fleet management?

Selected issues

  • The potential of electrifying Polish fleets
  • Infrastructure facilities for zero-emission fleets
  • Purchase, leasing, or long-term rental?
  • ESG – taxonomy in transport
  • Telematics: the key to maximizing benefits
  • TCO of EVs in fleet management during times of rising energy prices 
  • Last Mile Delivery
  • How to prepare company drivers for vehicle replacement?
  • The role of CFM in the development of Polish EV fleet


eHDV Forum
Forum for HDV market participants, dedicated to the development of the zero-emission heavy-duty transport sector

Poland's position in the heavy goods transport sector obligates the country to electrify it

  • As a key market and leader in heavy transport in Europe, with the highest number of registered vehicles over 3.5 t in the entire EU, what role should Poland play in the development of the eHDV sector?
  • How to prepare legislation and infrastructure to start electrifying the heavy transport sector in the short term?

Selected issues

  • eHDV – electric trucks on the horizon
  • Support system for the eHDV market in Poland
  • Fast charging systems for heavy transport
  • Heavy-duty charging hubs
  • Value chain: service and maintenance 
  • TCO of eHDVs
  • TEN-T network - the bloodstream of HDVs
  • The role of Big Data in eHDVs
  • OEMs in the electric trucks market
  • Electric & autonomous trucks


Hydrogen Mobility Forum
Forum for key stakeholders in the commercial take-up of hydrogen technologies in transport

The development of hydrogen refuelling station networks as a way to achieve climate neutrality

  • What is the current status of the European hydrogen and fuel cell market with regard to both green hydrogen production and the projected infrastructure for the automotive industry?
  • What are the local challenges in achieving clean hydrogen production and promoting hydrogen-based transportation?

Selected issues

  • Hydrogen in transport: cars, shipping, rail and aviation
  • Green hydrogen – the basis for a clean economy of the future
  • FCEV vs. H2 ICE – R&D trends
  • Polish Hydrogen Strategy
  • Hydrogen – the most efficient RES energy storage
  • Supporting instruments for hydrogen in transport
  • Hydrogen refuelling infrastructure – costs and barriers
  • Hydrogen mobility in cities
  • Market overview and regulatory analysis
  • Case studies of infrastructure development



CEE Green Transport

Summit 2023
Speeding up the mobility transition in CEE

The 3rd summit gathering leaders of sustainable transport in the Central and Eastern Europe region. The event is part of the Central & Eastern European Green Transport Initiative (CEE GTI), established in 2021 by PSPA and SEVA.

Battery Day 2023

Battery technology manufactures and experts together
for cleaner transport

EBA Summit

The 3rd edition of the international conference of manufacturers and experts in battery technologies for the automotive industry. An overview of the opportunities and challenges faced by stakeholders in the fast-growing battery industry in the region.

Global e-Mobility
Forum 2023

Conference and roundtables
Driving Change Together

Continuation of the “Driving Change Together” initiative launched in 2018 during the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Katowice (COP 24). High level international event.

Global Alliance of EV
Drivers' Associations

European committee meeting
Power of EV Community. Users’ experience matters!

2nd meeting of representatives of electric car users’ clubs from around the world, associated in the Global EV Drivers’ Alliance – GEVA (63 organizations from 37 countries). The organizer is EV Klub Polska, which leads the European GEVA committee.

Maroš Šefčovič
Vice-President of the European Commission
Petr Mervart
Plenipotentiary of the Minister of Industry and Trade for Hydrogen Technologies, Czech Republic
Hanna Zdanowska
Mayor of the City of Lodz
Adam Wieczorek
Deputy Mayor of the City of Łódź
Pavel Šolc
CEO, Volkswagen Group Polska
Attila Szabo
CEO, Managing Director, Ford Polska
Dr. Grzegorz Ombach
Head of Disruptive R&T, Senior Vice President, Airbus
Peter Badik
Co-Founder, Managing Partner, GreenWay
Robert Chryc-Gawrychowski
CEO, Northvolt Poland
Robert Kasprzak


We wrześniu Łódź po raz czwarty stanie się centrum zrównoważonego transportu w Polsce i regionie CEE. Druga pula biletów już jest!
W dniach 26-28 września br. w Łodzi odbędzie się największa konferencja i EXPO branży zrównoważonego transportu w regionie CEE.

Registrations of new passenger battery-electric vehicles (BEV)

The heart of sustainable mobility in the CEE region

The New Mobility Congress (KNM) is the fastest growing sustainable transport industry event in the entire CEE region, serving as forum for stakeholders in emerging e-mobility markets with high growth potential.