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The New Mobility Congress is a high-level industry dialogue covering key issues and challenges facing the sustainable transport industry in Europe.
Poland Drives e-Mobility
Platform for cooperation of key stakeholders in the e-mobility market in Poland
One of the largest automotive markets in the European Union is taking the first steps towards zero-emission transport
  • How to connect suppliers and users of zero-emission technologies to support green transformation and fully utilize the potential of the Polish market in response to climate change and socio-economic challenges?
  • What changes should be made in the transport sector in Poland by 2035 for the benefit of the society and economy?
Selected issues
  • Legislative challenges – E-mobility White Paper
  • RED III – carbon credits and
  • intelligent support programs
  • Ready for AFIR
  • EV fire safety
  • Clean Transport Zones – Smart Cities
  • Phase-out 2035
  • Right to plug in Poland
  • Charging hubs in Poland
  • E-roaming: how far have we come?
  • Human resources as the key to the development of the e-mobility market
Urban New Mobility Summit
A meeting of practitioners in the development of new zero-emission forms of mobility in cities

Feeling responsible for issues related to public health, air quality and environmental protection, Polish local governments are opening up to new mobility

  • What should an integrated transport ecosystem for the cities of the future look like, based on the most effective and ecological forms of transport?
  • How to legally support local government units in the effective implementation of e-mobility and sustainable development friendly solutions?

Selected issues

  • Low Emission Zones
  • National Cycling Strategy
  • Sustainable urban logistics
  • Mobility infrastructure
  • Zero-emission public transport
  • Air quality and reducing emissions
  • Mobility hubs in public areas
  • Local leaders of global transformation
  • MaaS services and digital tools
eHDV Forum
Forum for HDV market participants, dedicated to the development of the zero-emission heavy-duty transport sector

Poland’s position in the heavy goods transport sector obligates the country to electrify it

  • As a key market and leader in heavy transport in Europe, with the highest number of registered vehicles over 3.5 t in the entire EU, what role should Poland play in the development of the eHDV sector?
  • How to prepare legislation and infrastructure to start electrifying the heavy transport sector in the short term?

Selected issues

  • Calstart Polish Implementation Hub
  • Support system for the eHDV market in Poland
  • Fast charging systems for heavy transport
  • Heavy-duty charging hubs
  • Value chain: service and maintenance
  • TCO of eHDVs
  • TEN-T network – the bloodstream of HDVs
  • The role of Big Data in eHDVs
  • OEMs in the electric trucks market
  • Electric & autonomous trucks
Battery Day powered by EBA250
Conference for producers and experts of battery technology for the automotive industry

Poland’s position in the global and European supply chain of EV batteries is growing

  • How should innovators and leaders of the traction battery supply chain shape the development of the battery sector to meet the growing market demands of new generation zero-emission vehicles?
  • What actions should be taken to ensure that Poland and CEE maintain their leading position in the global supply chain of batteries for EV manufacturers?
  • Traceability and recycling – a second chance for the EU’s global competitiveness?

Selected issues

  • Economic prospects of the battery sector
  • Recycling and second life of batteries
  • Traceability
  • Half a year after the implementation of the European Battery Regulation
  • Energy Storage vs.  development of the prosumer market
  • Solid state – when will mass implementation be achieved?
  • Green energy for new factories
  • Poland and CEE: a source of personnel in the battery sector
  • Safety standards, new technologies and management systems
New Mobility Industry Forum
Platform for dialogue between business and administration in the field of new industrial policy and economy

The automotive industry is facing the greatest economic challenge in decades regarding the development of zero-emission technologies in transport

  • What are the Polish and European economic development prospects, opportunities and challenges arising from the transformation of industry towards zero emissions?
  • Will Poland be among the economic leaders of the region or will it remain an observer of changes taking place in other Member States?

Selected issues

  • 5% of GDP from the e-mobility sector in 2035
  • Cross-sectoral R&D program for the automotive industry
  • Map of changes in the road transport sector in Poland until 2035
  • Poland as a production hub for the mobility sector
  • Development of public and private infrastructure
  • Strengthening the position of Polish transport companies in the European chain
  • Development of renewable energy sources and acceleration of the energy
    sector transformation
  • Providing investment financing and systemic market support
Hydrogen Technologies Forum
Forum for key stakeholders in the commercial take-up of hydrogen technologies in transport and zero-emission economy

The development of hydrogen refuelling station networks as a way to achieve climate neutrality

  • How to increase the share of renewable hydrogen?
  • Storage or mobility – where will hydrogen play a greater role?
  • Optimization of hydrogen refueling infrastructure, HRS technical standards – how to facilitate the development of these technologies?

Selected issues

  • Hydrogen in transport: logistics, shipping, rail and aviation
  • Renewable hydrogen – the basis of the clean economy of the future
  • The potential of the European Hydrogen Bank
  • Status check – Polish Hydrogen Strategy
  • Hydrogen – the most effective storage of renewable energy
  • Support instruments for H2 in transport
  • Hydrogen refueling infrastructure – costs and barriers
  • Market review and analysis of legal regulations
  • Infrastructure development case studies – HyTruck!

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